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Custom Fabrication

Our mission? Simple. To be your one stop for ALL manufacturing needs.
With our expertise and development capabilities, we've crafted top-notch products that prioritizes safety, performance, and utility.

Engineering and Manufacturing at Its Best

Summit Custom Fabrication Includes:

  • Laser Cutting Services​​

  • Custom Metal Fabrication

  • Routing Services

  • Powder Coating

  • Engineering Services and Mechanical design

  • Plastic Fabrication

  • Conventional & CNC Machining

  • TIG

  • MIG

  • Welding

  • Assembly

metal fabrication in shop

Our People

What truly sets Summit's people apart is our unique combination of technical skill, creativity, craftsmanship and ability to work as a team to overcome challenges and deliver "wow-inducing" end products. Summit combines technical skill with American artisanship and a spirit of partnership that ultimately fabricates your visions into reality. 

man using machine to cut and fabricate
custom metal fabrication

What Sets Us Apart?

man welding with mask

 We create pieces that make a significant impact on your business and leave a lasting impression with your customers and employees.

Our ornamental and functional pieces, all made in the USA, enhance business, consumer, and employer brands in ways that give them a competitive edge. Summit's experts will fully understand your challenges by listening to you and your vision. We'll get your thoughts and ideas—napkin sketches gladly accepted—and use all that information to create a custom solution that includes the desired style and aesthetics.

You will get one-of-a-kind customer service that is equally as impressive as your fabrication. You'll have a representative who will stay with your project from idea to installation. Let's get started!


What's Your Vision? 

Drive Your Innovation with Summit Products

All Summit Custom Fabrications start from scratch. Whether it's a functional fire escape, an ornate restaurant bar, unique desks for employees, exterior building bling, or virtually ANYTHING else,

we can deliver a unique-in-the-world piece. 

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