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Innovators in Glass and Window Manufacturing

Fresco Windows is a leader in the glass and window manufacturing sector. Producing high-quality aluminum frame windows. Our product range includes windows with hollow, hardened, and laminated glass for earth-moving equipment, agricultural and operational machinery, buses and minibuses, railway vehicles, special vehicles, and boats.

With our extensive experience and the technical competence of our planning staff, we continuously seek new solutions in functionality and design. Our constant technological upgrades and innovative approaches allow us to meet any customer request while maintaining high-quality standards.

Today, Fresco is recognized as one of the most reliable companies on the international stage, thanks to our cutting-edge technologies and complete production cycle. Courage, responsibility, and strategic planning establish us as a prominent industrial enterprise in the automotive field. Research, determination, and ongoing development are the hallmarks of Fresco's success.

Glass and Window Applications

Fresco proudly produces American-made windows with aluminum frames and custom-cut glass for a variety of special vehicles, including road vehicles, railway vehicles, and boats. Our complete production cycle, from sourcing high-quality materials to packing the finished product, is managed entirely in-house at our expanding 8,000 square meter Altoona plant. This facility handles all glass-making processes for aluminum frame windows, custom-cut glass windows, standard windows, and various accessories.

With our in-house glass processing, aluminum profile production, and direct component assembly, Fresco offers comprehensive glass and window solutions for cabins, buses, special vehicles, and boats. Our flexible production system meets any customer demand, from large series to small, unique orders. Total production autonomy ensures precise control and efficiency, free from third-party delays.


What's Your Vision? 

Drive your innovation with Fresco Windows

All Fresco Window projects start from scratch. Whether it's a sliding window for your camper van, durable solution for excavators, glass for boats that is sealed well, or virtually ANYTHING else, we will deliver.

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