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Powder Coating

Prime your products with a consistent, durable finish. 

Our Process


Prep & Wash

First step is proper surface prep. We use a biodegradable degreaser in the first stage of a five stage wash system.

man prepping parts for powder coat
oven used in curing powder coated parts
curing parts on paint line
parts going through the powder coat paint line


Hot & Cold

The parts then pass through a dry-off oven and "super coolers" to prepare for the best results in the powder coating paint process.


Paint & Go

Our GEMA equipment then takes the parts through for priming, curing and top coat all in one go. With one more drying stage, your parts will be inspected and ready for assembly in just a few hours!

parts hanging on hooks used in powder coating
freshly powder coated parts
before and after powder coat

How are we different from others?

We're ready to work with you on your Powder Coating jobs.

Our part envelope is 3' x 6' x 18' ...What can you fit in that space?

Our powder coating line can apply both a cured primer coat and a top coat in a single pass. 7500 hour salt spray, anyone? 

Lastly, the all-stainless construction of our booth is over the top, but it takes a quality machine to make quality parts. 

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